It was a rocking time with some of the best modern keyboard artists in the world, to learn, jam and hang out with.  Looking forwards to Keyfest 2017- Patrick D.

Keyfest was an incredible experience for me as a lifelong keyboardist.   Getting to meet and jam with Jordan, demo cutting-edge keyboard tech, meet a wide variety of industry professionals, geek out with other keyboard nerds, and relax in the Catskills all added up to a legendary good time.  Keyfest rocks! - Zach S.

Imagine getting to hang out with legit rock stars while going to college classes and partying with them all night. A perfect storm for musical rejuvenation. - Chris D.

KeyFest is the most inspirational gathering of musicians anyone could ask for. - Jake L

KeyFest is the perfect opportunity for musicians of all walks of life to learn from some of the best, while having a blast, and making new friends along the way! - Jonathan M.

Some of the greatest times I've ever had; listening to up-and-coming virtuoso players, sharing drinks with creative leaders and getting insights on never before seen gear, all within the same place. - Scott T.

Keyfest has been the best musical experience in my life, not only by meeting the greatest keyboardists on earth, but also learning all kinds of music topics from them. Highly Recommended! - Rene A.